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Fullerene SUA-I hand made ceramic(Pd No. : 3078477)

(Updated : 03/07/2019)
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Model Nm SUA-I
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Keywords Fullerene ceramic, pet pottery , hand made ceramic , korea ceramic cup , ceramic table ware
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   SUA INTERNATIONAL (SUA-I) , Company established in 2012, is importing and distributed about shungite from Russia.

 Shungite is a black, lustrous, non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of mostly weight percent of carbon. It was first described from a deposit near in Karelia ,Russia, from where it gets its name. Shungite has been reported to contain fullerenes.

Our company produces a wide range of shungite products according to the customers' needs.

Especially our main product is shungite pottery and produces high quality by applying know-how from our specialists.

 We have been continuously improving and developing our products.

From now on, SUA INTERNATIONAL (SUA-I)is going forward armed with excellent strategies and with new technologies to be a reliable company for customers.     

Fullerene SUA-I ceramic

SUA-I hand made ceramics are made by fullerence, terra alba, and kaolin.

The fullerene is a sphereical molecule with the formula C60.

It has a cage-like fused-ring structure which resembles a foot ball, and first generated in 1985 by Harold Kroto, James R. Heath, Robert Curl, and Richard Smalley at Rice University. They were awarded the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for theeir roles in the discovery of buckminsterfullerence and the related class of molecules, the fullerences.

SUA-I Ceramic advantages


- Antioxidant function of the shungite pottery


The shungite pottery can significantly reduce oxidation compared to others.

A general pottery becomes slowly acidified in the water, while the shungite pottery keeps its neutrality, the stated of pure water.

It also generates healthy water by splitting water particles into small ones to get easily absorbed into body.

- Strong far-infrared function of shungite pottery

The shungite pottery emits more far infrared rays than ordinary one, it combines with shungite's unique energy waves to help the user's blood circulation and keep the balance of body energy to strengthen the immune system.

- Super-strong shungite pottery


Unlike ordinary ceramics fired at 1200℃ ~ 1250℃, the shungite pottery sinters at a temperature of 1260℃ or higher and has higher strength than others.

- Luxurious and distinctive colors of the shungite pottery

Even with the same glaze, The shungite pottery is expressed in various colors by different firing temperature and method of oxidation and reduction.

The shungite pottery fired in a house-developed method has a distinctive and luxurious color, compared to conventional ones.


-Antimicrobial function of the shungite pottery

As a result of a bacterial culture test, more than 99.9% of bacteria were reduced by the antibacterial and sterilizing effect of the shungite pottery.

The shungite pottery can store food longer than ordinary ceramics.

It prevents rice from a rice weevil, keeping rice moist and fresh for a long time.

- Purification function of the shungite pottery

The beverage contained in the shungite pottery becomes smooth and adaptable to the body. It not only softens a flavor of tea and coffee but also helps the body absorb good substances.

It makes the alcohol weaker and softer to help reduce hangover.

Special features of SUA-I Ceramics 


-color : Black, Dark gray , Dark brown


-Product family : Tea pot sets, Cup, Table ware and Pet pottery etc.

-Material : Fullerence ( C60 ), terra alba, and kaolin etc.

- 100% Hand made

- Manufacturing country : South Korea

- Delivery terms : FOB Busan

- Made by SUA-I

Company Information

company information
Contact Person kang dong myoung
Company SUA-I
Address 78, Sangbang-ro, Samnam-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan Korea
Tel 0553721255 Fax 0553721257
Biz. Type Manufacturing and trade Est. Year -
Employees 1~10
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2017 Ulsan Cyber Business Meeting 2017-07-04 ~ 2017-07-06
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