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Make My car as Fuel-break, Optimization system for automatic driving info(Pd No. : 3054221)

(Updated : 04/30/2019)
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Model Nm EPD
HS CODE 854370
M.O.Q 100unit
Keywords Smoke decrease, Fuel economy, decreasing noise of car, smoke reduction device, fuel reducing device
Seller ID Ghost44
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Control system for engine optimization maintenance of all vehicles!

Eco Power Driving Assistance System. EPD!


Recently, counterfeit goods with similar form of EPD are being sold at low cost.

As a result of product analysis, it has been found that there is no effect on improving fuel efficiency and performance. Please note about this.


EPD is the only product that has patented for the fuel efficiency inprovement in domestic and worldwide.


The world's only patent technology! Ecofriendly driving guide.


The performance deterioration factor during operation of car is closely related to the power environment.

EPD manages power patterns efficiently to prevent output degradation, improve engine noise and roadability and minimize fuel waste.


Make my car as fuel-freak!

Optimization system for automatic driving inforamtion recognition

30% improvement of fuel economy / 95% reduction in smoke / increase of 7 horsepower 0.8 torque

Optimization of car driving inforamtion recognition with algorithm program!


Patents from10 countries in the world!

7 patents in Korea !

Certified to improve car performance with German dynamo equipment 1

Gold prize in 2013 Seoul Invention Award !

Certified as KRW 15 billion worth !


What is EPD ?

Maintenance and control system for automotive performance optimization.


Cars and ships operate through ECU and electrical devices. If the proper power is not supplied to the electric device, the control state of ECU becomes unstable, witch greatly affects various functions and performances such as power, torque, gear shift and air fuel ratio.

This causes intermittent incomplete combustion, resulting in a significant fuel loss due to performance degradation.


Recent engine production technology is capable of more than 95% complete combustion.

Therefore, the complete combustion method has little effect for fuel saving.

EPD is equipped with cutting edge eco-driving solution program that effectively reduces energy loss about 5% ~ 40%.


EPD is not just a voltage stabilizer.

It is a cutting edge control device that optimizes automobile performance by providing power environment that can be eco-driving.


ECU supplies and regulates the power required for each engine or component to optimize the energy for various such as driving situation, weather and driving habits.

Therefore, It not only shows the best driving environment but also reduces unnecessary energy consumption to improve economy driving and it’s performance and reduce smoke.


Characteristics of EPD


1.     Maximize the performance of car !

The electricity of automobile is used as alternator is developed and battery stabilizes the current.

If the elcctric power of the generator is irregular, the components such as control driving device can’t perform it’s function.

Therefore, knocking phenomenon occurs due to the deterioration of output and torque performance, which causes vibration and noise to increase, resulting in poor driving.

At this time, the electric power optimization solution is used to stabilize the electric power, improving life span of electric components and the quality of driving.


2.     Realize energy saving by improving control learning capability of automobiles !

Eco-driving(ecofriendly driving) should be operated according to the control characteristics of vehicle and gradually accelerated according to the economy speed, but it is very difficult to realize in an actual road driving environment.

And in case the vehicle is operated against the eco-driving such as rapid acceleration or sudden stop, it may lead to fuel loss by control loss of the vehicle.

At this time, it provides a power distribution management solution so that power pattern is maintained consistently and efficient control learning can be implememted, preventing the unnecessary energy loss and saving fuel.


3.     The world’s only patent technology, EPD !

EPD patents are registered in major countries as well as Korea.


4.     Ecofriendly driving guide, EPD !

EPD is a cutting edge intelligent vehicle performance management device that contributes to overall vehicle performance improvement by operating algorithm program of power pattern management that can reduce power loss of vehicle due to improper accumulated in ECU(electronic control unit) of individual vehicle according to the driving state that varies instantaneously even if the driver is the same as the other driver’s habit.


5.     It is an new technoloty product that increases the satisfaction of life.

It is a product that increases satisfaction by improving the performance of car and saving fuel cost.

It is also product that adds mental value by proving the benefit of relieving fatique by improving the driving alility.


6.     It prevents global warming and realize future-ofiented values.

When consuming2,424L(6.7L per day) of gasoline per year, 5,139kg(5.1 tons) of carbon dioxide will be generated and about 8,100 pyeong of forests need to absorb this.

If about 15% of fuel can be saved, it can reduce the smoke and at least 1,200 pyeong of forests can absorb carbon dioxide.


Carbon dioxide emissions : Gasoline = 2.12kg/L, Diesel = 2.59kg/L, LPG = 3.61kg/L


It is our duty and responsibility to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions to prevent global warming in advance. So it is natural that everyone preticipates in it with various ways.


It is an environmentally friendly automobile ear that aims to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide to satisfy three key factors of high fuel efficiency and environment friendliness.


There have been a lot of fuel efficiency improvement products over the years, but the measurement results show that it is not enough or not effective.


Result of performance test of products of 60 companies on the market, which was conducted by Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office and Consumer Protection Agency revealed that fuel efficiency savings or fuel savings was 1.7% and the products except two companies showed that it was not effective or it consumed high fuel.


In case of two products that show fuel saving effect, advertising of similar fuel saving device, which is sold in the market with an error range of 5%, will be investigated and got penalty by the related organizations for exaggerated or false advertising. On the other hand, EPD was proved to have around 26% of fuel saving or improvement effect and more than 95% of smoke reduction. It applied worldwide patent.


7.     When EPD installation is required

Maintenance and control system automotive performance optimization.


❶ If you spend a lot of fuel expenses due to long-distance driving or regularly

❷ Those who are sensitive to vehicle noise and want to quiet ride feeling

❸ Those who want more powerful outpur(horsepower and torque) in the current

❹ In case excessive exhaust fumes is emitted

❺ Owner drivers who want to improve overall performance of the vehicle

Car Alphago Performance EPD!

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