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(Updated : 04/16/2019)
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“We need OxySpa”

People who come into office before sunrise and get off after sunset.

People who are stuck in traffic everyday, living stifling city lives.

People who are stuck in classrooms, staring at whiteboards and books all day long.

People who work during night, thereby being unable to see the sunlight.

These people need the comfort of nature, something that OxySpa provides.

*Design Motiff, as Uterus and Egg

The oval shape of OxySpa is designed after an egg in mother’s uterus to give you the feeling of comfort and serenity that you had experienced when you were in your mother’s womb. The oval shape also signifies its ability to absorb any external shocks. The interior of OxySpa is designed in a way that your body can be wholly embraced by the natural light coming from the lighting at the top. The inside consists of a head structure, which allows you to breathe in fresh oxygen

in the most comfortable position, and a bottom part, which is ergonomically designed for ZERO GRAVITY POSITION, known to be the most comfortable position one can take. The curve pattern of the bottom part is there to fix the rest position of your elbows, knees, feet, etc., thereby keeping your body from slipping down and spreading your weight across the surface evenly. OxySpa is a perfect space for your relaxation where you can do things that you enjoy while taking in

sufficient light, oxygen, and other natural energies that your body needs.

Quick Recovery from Fatigue

Sufficient oxygen supply to your body allows supply

of oxygen to your body’s terminal cells that often

lack oxygen. This helps your body excrete wastes and increases metabolism, enabling you to

maintain a healthy life. 

Excellent Skin Care Effect

Sufficient oxygen supply to your body improves

blood circulation under your skin, improving your

skin elasticity. It also has an anti-aging effect as it

increases your skin cells’ ability to regenerate.

Improves Health of Pregnant Women and

Their Babies

Sufficient oxygen supply to your body leads to safe and healthy birth and promotes intelligence

development of your babies.

Allows the Elderly to Improve and Maintain

Their Health

Sufficient oxygen supply to your body boosts your immune system

and self-healing ability, allowing you to maintain a healthy body.

Quick recovery from fatigue

Excellent skin care effect

Improves health of pregnant women and their babies

Allows the elderly to improve and maintain their health

It’s been a long time since we first learned how to differentiate good water from bad water.

It’s been even longer since we started identifying what is fresh air and what is not. However,

how long has it been since we started being able to identify what is “good” light and what is not?

Our bodies need “good” light, and OxySpa will give you that “good” light.


*Relax in Style

Is it possible to have our bodies be surrounded by the light they need in a most relaxed position

and atmosphere? OxySpa, unlike other “equipment-oriented” therapy devices that force users to stand before the light, is a “user-oriented” space that allows users to be naturally surrounded

by good light. Many modern people suffer from depression, sleep disorder, eating disorder, skin

problems, etc., which are caused by lack of exposure to light as they spend most of the time

indoor. OxySpa, by using a spectrum of light that is very similar to natural sunlight,

helps cure this type of diseases and allows you to regain your biorhythm




Using our creative ideas and original technologies, our company aims to provide today’s

consumers with stylish and ergonomically designed nature/healing spaces where they can relax

and get natural energies that they need for quick recovery from fatigue. Furthermore, we will

vigorously continue our R&D in human bodies’ immune system and healing mechanism to create products that will treat many health problems modern people suffer from such as stress,

depression, sleep disorder, fatigue, etc. By creating and offering such products, our company will be able to help people live healthy and happy lives that they all deserve.


NF is making every effort to make this world environment-friendly.

As the age of environment and resource crisis has come, including climate changes, water shortage, and food deficiency, people are paying a lot more attention to the environment.

In order to establish win-win relationship between the environment and people in such a difficult situation, we are trying to find ways to make the environment and people co-exist by providing a variety of products under the motto of “Natural Products” and “Environment-friendly Products.”

The world is now facing environment crisis symbolized by resource crisis and serious climate changes, and the environment is becoming the core of national competitiveness in the future.

For human survival and sustainable economic growth by overcoming global warming, the movement

of international environment regulations on the reduction of greenhouse gas will be reinforced more

and more. By doing so, it is expected that the domestic environment will be greatly changed.

NF would like to turn itself into an environment enterprise which gives priority to public interest by

enhancing its professionalism, developing sustainable environment-friendly products, and strengthening

its international competence for the purpose of complying with such international environment

regulations and coping with global environment changes positively.

NF will be with you so that you can live an environment-friendly life.

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company information
Contact Person Lee, Sang-Kon
Company NF CO.,LTD.
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Tel 0515051192 Fax 0515055539
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