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The Secret of Surisuri the Eagle(Picturebooks)(Pd No. : 3124411)

(Updated : 03/18/2019)
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[ Specification ]

The Secret of Surisuri the Eagle

Surisuri, the Baby Eagle, which just hatched from an egg, is feeling the cozy and warm breath of its mother. Soon, the Mother Eagle tells Surisuri to try flying. Surisuri tries to fly, but finds it very difficult to learn.

Surisuri doesn't understand why it has to fly and see far ahead, but once 

it succeeds in flying, it feels itself close to the sky. 

Through this book, readers can learn how it feels to achieve something after going through hard times. 

Drawing by Choi Ho Joon ISBN 979-11-952655-1-0

[ Company Introduction ]

Dear Readers

The Secret of Things contains secrets that mothers want to tell their children.

The author, who gave birth to a child at the age of forty, was diagnosed with cancer when her child was three years old. 

While receiving anticancer treatments, the author searched for a way to help her child live on after she was gone. 

The author came up with an idea, which was to help her child remember her time with her mother.

To create reminders of her child’s daily life with the mother, the author wrote stories for her child by personifying objects around the child.

The author made stories about over a hundred everyday objects such as refrigerators, silver spoons and chopsticks, car wheels, crayons, notebooks, kitchen scissors, as well as things her child liked, such as puppies, giraffes, glass beads, fluffy clouds, and scarecrows, using these things to make stories. 

This is how the book that tells the Secret of 50 Things containing the author's heart was released. The story of 51 things is to be released as a book, too.

In Secret of Things, the author included the wisdom, personality, direction of life, challenge, and hope that a child needs to have when living a life.

The author's book, Secret of Things, was selected as the Recommended Children's Book by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education in the year of its publication (2014), and was featured on the first page of the Kyobo Book Center website as a Bestselling Children's Picture Book. In addition, won the honor of Excellent Book (2017) by the Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea, receiving support for its production as an e-book. Furthermore, it was broadcast as a fairy tale for adults by various broadcasting networks such as MBC and TBS.

In June 2018, it was featured on the TV program Ding Dong Dang Kindergarten on EBS, during the segment “Tuang's Little Bookstore.” Some junior high schools included the book in their free-semester curriculums.

There is a plan to develop Secret of Things as an e-book and mobile application, with augmented reality and interactive environments.

Secret of Things allows readers to raise their curiosity and creativity by interacting with the book. 

1. What kind of company is Storynara?

Establishing a creative learning environment by combining the benefits of paper books with new media

Storynara produces, processes, and distributes publications and contents including the creative story book “The Secret of Things,” made for infants and children. 

The contents produced by Storynara use the blended-learning method that

combines two or more learning environments to maximize the effect of learning, approaching readers offline and online, individually and by groups, through lectures and games. 

Storynara generates creative learning environments by combining the benefits of paper books with new media. We hope that children are able to expand their creativity, thinking skills, personality, and wisdom about the world.

2. Who made the stories? 

Emotional perspectives containing the literary insights and sensitivity of Korean literature experts and the mothers’ care for children The creative storybook “The Secret of Things” is the flagship brand of Storynara, written by Yang Seungsuk, CEO of the publishing company. 

The author Yang Seungsuk majored in Korean literature and is a storyteller who has extensive experiences in writing, editing, publishing, and distributing story books as well as education.

At present, she is running the Classes for Writing Creative Story Books for mothers, as well as Creative Story Book Writing Classes for young adults.

In addition, she is highly interested in the socially marginalized people and is actively involved in social service activities.

She planned and executed various projects such as sending books to multicultural centers, isolated islands, and remote areas, as well as taking family photos for the untouchable caste in India and donating her story books to over 100 places

around the world via relief organizations. 

In the future, Storynara plans to export its contents to European and Southeast Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, thereby enhancing the national brand of Korea and contribute to the development of children’s personality worldwide and their help them lead better lives.

3. How was “The Secret of Things created?”_Story of the author, Yang Seungsuk

Telling the secret of the world to your child

I remember sleeping on my mom’s lap when I was very little. I was half asleep, but I could hear my mom say, “There are a lot of interesting and mysterious secrets in the world. 

Life is a process of finding out those secrets,” while humming softly to herself. My mom often told me about the mysteries and secrets of life, but she did not tell me all the secrets. 

When I was in my mid-forties, still busy finding out those secrets, I was diagnosed with a serious illness, and my child was three years old at that time. We had to work very hard to conceive this child before I gave birth to her at a late age. 

While receiving the treatment, I was worried about her. 

If my child grows up without a mother, how can she live in this world? 

Is there any way to make her remember the everyday life she spent with me for a long time? This is how I started writing “The Secret of Things.”

4. What kind of book is “The Secret of Things”?

Discovering the precious value of life that we failed to discover by attributing human characteristics to things The objects we can see in our everyday lives all have specific figures. 

The shape of desk is square, while a cup is circular and a booklet is flat. 

What if these things told their stories to children like people did? Would that make the world noisier? Imagining that, we may perhaps be able to discover a beautiful world that children have never seen before.

“The Secret of Things” attributes human characteristics to things that exist around children, and expresses the precious value of life that we could not discover in our complicated and exhausting lives. 

It may be an insignificant thing that always stays in its place, but each of the things are precious in their very existence, and has its own interesting story.

As soon as our children take their first step, they are trained in various private institutions, go to elementary school, and begin competing with other children even before learning to raise self-esteem, understand friendship, foster consideration for others, and realize respect for life.

In such a competitive world, the value of stopping and watching the beauty of life and being curious about it has been pushed aside. 

If they reached a desired social position through competition, would our children really be able to see the beauty of life and feel happy?

The author Yang Seungsuk tells the value of life through things around children. 

While reading her books, children can become curious about the secret of things and will learn to raise their self-esteem, realize joy of having relationships, gain

curiosity and find hope.In addition, “The Secret of Things” will help children who live in the world of intense competition, grow into a healthy and strong adult on the basis of self-esteem, upright personality and correct values.

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company information
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Tel 028381791 Fax 0220673008
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