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VR game, AR game, mobile game, on-line game(Pd No. : 3127229)

(Updated : 04/25/2019)
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Keywords game, VR, AR, mobile, on-line game
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1. Born to the sky(VR game)

This game is about the wingsuit racing against the backdrop of world-class iconic city skyscrapers in the near future and will present the ultimate immersion experience for users or extreme sports lovers.


1. A suitable design for the global market,  improved profit structure by installing its own native advertisement, support for eSports tournament with additional multiplayer support, easy installation in simulators. 

This allowed us to develop the easily multi-platform applicable game with a single core build.

2. The best immersive VR game that reproduces 5km x 5km of landmark area of famous cities of the world and races on various difficulty air tunnel tracks in the background of skyscrapers.

3. By using famous cities representing each continent as background, various themes can be freely configured and many advantages in the expansion pack, DLC production, and localization

4. Optimized resource management know-how keeps average 60 fps based on mobile device, using large-capacity Polycount(average 1 million Polygons), 4 characters, effects, lighting, etc.

5. Easy to convert to high-end model (including simulator) with the development of basic build to mobile standard

6. Multiplayer support on Cross Platform (between different types of headset devices) / focusing on developing into eSports tournament 

2.Helihunter(AR game)

VrainiacLab’s second game, Helihunter, is casual first-person, augmented reality helicopter shooter in which players are tasked to protect the game’s friends by hunting zombies that are attacking them. 


1. Intuitive and simple controls - AR casual shooting game that can be enjoyed only by simple thumb operation

2. Revenue model - Native, reward ad placement, 3D PPL, custom version for promotion

3. Gamer selection options

- Free to Play (free) / Pay to Play (charged) method

- Custom map editor (paid version) and team play mode (paid version)

4. Design for the global (western) market - Easy to carry out promotional marketing

5. Multiplayer support - Compatible with family games with support for team play with nearby mobile phones via Bluetooth connection

6. Multi-OS Support - Using ARCore (Android) / ARKit (iOS)

7. Ease of serial production with the brand name and recycled core logic - Completion of Pre-Viz prototype build (w/test assets)

8. Utilizing separate independent VR space inside background building - Using the door of the background building as a gateway of two independent spaces, the interior space of the building is used for commercial purposes

9. Converting into a High-definition live-action version using prototype core logic

Company Information

company information
Contact Person NA TAE YOUNG
Company VrainiacLab, Inc.
Address Global game hub center, 9th floor, Venture4.0 54, Changeop-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel 01095388235 Fax
Biz. Type Etc. Est. Year 2018
Employees 1~10
Related Business Event List
KBEE 2019, Bangkok 2019-06-07 ~ 2019-06-08


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