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(Updated : 04/12/2019)
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The restructuring current raided a local newspaper, Gwangsok Ilbo. Anyone, regardless of position, could be a victim, but nobody expected Min Su Gee, the youngest one in Art Team would be included. The news of the dismissal of Min Su Gee, who was loved by all, was rather shocking.

For the time being, Yoo Deul, Acting General Manager of Life Department, heard the news that Mr. Hwang had an accident. He was in charge of articles regarding Tasty Restaurants. Yoo Deul met Min Su Gee at a restaurant while he covered a case on behalf of Mr. Hwang who was admitted in a hospital. Yoo Deul became interested in the behind stories that Min Su Gee told while he had conversations with Min Su Gee.

On the next day, Director Lee called Yoo Deul and told him that he was promoted and he became General Manager of Life Department. He was the only man who was promoted in the personnel appointment. Director Lee asked Yoo Deul to find someone who would be able to write articles for Mr. Hwang for a year while he would take care of himself for the recovery. Yoo Deul picked up Min Su Gee. It was a sensational decision.

Min Su Gee has never written an article as she worked in the Art Team so she had hard time to write an article. Yoo Deul tried to help her and noticed the fact that those restaurants that Min Su Gee wanted to write about had unique and original stories.

Min Su Gee who held fast to full setting hair, make-up and high heels saying that they are pride of a woman came to be changed while she covered cases with her feet. Although she improved much as time went by, she was always criticized by Yoo Deul.

However, Min Su Gee was never frustrated. She learned much from restaurant owners who wanted to give hope to people in need regardless of difficult situations and tried to help them.

She grew to be a good reporter with capabilities to sympathize with others while she covered tasty restaurants for a year. When she determined to give up everything if she could be a good reporter, Yeri came to her who was handsome and capable. She felt something strange in her mind. When Min Su Gee came to like him, Yoo Deul came to realize that he liked Min Su Gee.

Food is a combination of materials and the combination of life stories that we live. It is sharing, sympathy and process to understand each other. I will show tasty life stories that we live through stories of tasty restaurants that Min Su Gee introduces.

There is a reason why I take journalists as jobs of main characters and take a newspaper company as the background of the story. Reporters meet many people and listen to their stories. The newspaper company is a space where their stories are loosened and developed into a new cloth. Gluttony Report is the growth story of Min Su Gee to become a mature human being while meeting people and learning from them as a reporter.

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